System Clean Proudly Provides Excellent Service With Professional Technicians and Superior Solutions

System Clean Has Been Owner Ran and Operated Since 2006

Hi, my name is Ken McKean.  Me and my lovely wife, Michele are the proud owners of System Clean, located in the beautiful state of Alaska.  My wife and I have built our business on the statue of quality, trust, honesty, consistency and education.  Every job we do comes with these promises and expectations.  This is who we are and how we run our business.

Value:  We treasure and value each customer and their needs to build an everlasting connection.  We want to leave each job with a happy client with their expectations exceeded, because you matter to us.

Our Story:  I moved to Alaska in 1977 at the age of 16.  My wife moved here in 1969 at the age of 3.  When I was a young man, I worked at Carr’s Grocery Stores starting as a bagger and eventually becoming a night manager.  After graduating high school, Michele went to Cosmetology School and became a hair dresser.   In 1983, I started Northern Painting Co.  (painting interior and exterior of homes and commercial structures).  In 1987, we met (Ken and Michele) and married in 1990.  Our Painting business grew and evolved and in 1997 we became General Contractors and started Distinctive Homes, Inc.  Our last advertising dollars for our painting and construction business was spent in 1995 for the fact that all our work has come from repeat clients and referrals.  That speaks volumes for building honest, trusting relationships.

In 2006, we started System Clean and have absolutely loved doing this business.  The rewards of making the interior work or living space clean and fresh is immediate and satisfying to know the positive impact on people’s lives.  Believe it or not, we particularly love to come upon trashed carpets that have not been maintained well at all.  These are the real challenges and we’re always up for that.  We can’t save them all, but when we do, it’s great to know that we’ve saved the owners thousands of dollars vs. replacing the carpets and extended the life of their flooring.  Our construction background has been very helpful to developing this business and we’ve found carpet, upholstery & indoor air quality cleaning a perfect fit for us.  We’ve helped thousands of people and we absolutely love doing this.

My wife and I of 27 years strong, have grown deep roots in Alaska and have raised three amazing children.  We feel blessed to pass on to them work ethics, values, morals and the satisfaction of a good/hard day’s work.  We are very proud of the young adults they have become.  Our Oldest son, Jordan works most days in the business and has been in the field since he was 16.  Our daughter, Madison works at South Central Foundation as a dental assistant and occasionally works in our business.  Our youngest, is Hunter and he is a junior at East high.  He too works with us on occasion.  There have been times when each of them have had to pull out 10 to 12 hour shifts and have done so without complaint, (of course, we did feed them dinner that night).

We would love the opportunity to meet you and help you with your needs.  We know we are not your only choice, so we will earnestly work to earn your trust and your business.

Ken McKean & Family