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Need Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska? Alaska encompasses a huge part of our country’s map. In an area so massive, how does one go about choosing this area’s best   carpet cleaning company? The best way is to select a carpet cleaning company by its reputation. Good work will always show up in reviews and customer comments.

Our company is operated by fully trained and board certified family members. We all meet the requirements and standards you might expect from an industry leading company like ours. Unlike many “pop up” carpet cleaners that pop up when  these amateurs need a few extra dollars. Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska is a fully qualified, full time venture staffed by our family of qualified technicians who know and understand carpets. We have the education and the skill to provide  our clients an incredible opportunity to get their carpets as clean as newly installed carpeting.

Our success in the competitive carpet cleaning business is largely due to our overall commitment  to quality work. Unlike the many part-time amateur cleaning companies that roam the state, Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska  has invested heavily in the finest carpet cleaning equipment available and the training to go with it, so that every job this family run company completes meets the highest standards of the industry.  When we clean your carpet it is truly clean and dry when we are done cleaning. Our motto is “We don’t cut corners, we clean them”  Before we start your project, we test your carpet for colorfastness and other sensitivities. We then go to work vacuuming every nook and cranny thoroughly before the shampooing begins. Armed with the most powerful, yet gentlest cleaning solutions available, our family of carpet cleaning technicians begin the carpet cleaning process which both cleans  and sanitizes your carpet, while removing germs, odors and other harmful elements that persist throughout your home’s environment. How big a breakthrough is that? What does it mean to your family?

Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska has built up a huge following over the years in communities throughout the state including:

  • Anchorage

  • Wasilla

  • Palmer

  • Eagle River

  • Chugiak

  • Girdwood

  • Soldotna

  • Seward

  • Kenai

It’s a huge breakthrough, especially when we apply our optional revolutionary Miracle Vapor Gassing System™ to your home and carpet, we can guarantee that the harmful germs, bacteria and other odor causing elements will be completely gone from your carpet and from your  entire home. The list of treatable odors and other harmful elements found in typical Alaska homes is quite comprehensive.

Miracle Vapor Gassing System™ is an exclusive process that uses clo2 or chlorine dioxide to get to the root of many health issues. Used as a vaporized gas, this completely safe product is introduced into your home environment as a gaseous substance after which it actively seeks out the odor and bacterial elements in

  • homes

  • businesses

  • medical facilities

  • nursery schools

  • locker rooms

  • gyms

and other areas where germs are known to grow and spread. This amazing process completely kills the odor causing germs germs and most viruses and leaves the facility  free of these potentially harmful elements.

Imagine coming back to your home after a Miracle Vapor Gassing System™application to a house full of fresh healthy air and a fresh smelling healthy environment. Miracle Vapor Gassing will  remove the worst of your carpet odors along with a household full of unhealthy smells, germs and most of your other offensive house odors including:

  • Cigarette and cigar smoke

  • Cooking odors from  spices like  curry and other exotic unusual odors

  • Odors from pets ranging from chihuahuas to sled dogs

  • Skunks and other wild critters

  • Marijuana

  • Mildew

  • Cabin Odors

  • Smoke odors in cars, trucks, boats and in…

  • Vehicles, including airplanes  coming out of winter storage.

  • Smoked fish and meat

  • Most anything that gets tracked into your home or business

  • Urine

  • Sick room odors

Unlike other products that make similar odor and bacteria removal claims, our exclusive Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska”  process along with our  Miracle Vapor Gassing System™, completely and permanently eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, pollen and most odors from your carpets throughout your home. When we complete our process, your home will be a healthier place for your family to congregate, free of the many harmful elements that can run rampant.

You owe it to yourself and your family to call  Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska to get a fresh, clean start to a healthy home environment. You can be comfortable with infants and small children crawling around your freshly cleaned and sanitized carpets. You might expect our carpet cleaning to be expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive our procedure actually is. For a free estimate, fill out the online form on our website or call  907-345-3695.

Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska

Carpet cleaning has, and will continue to be an important part of our business, but  we will continue to add and improve all other components of our system.

Pet Odor Removal

  • This is an area of our business that has a higher rate of growth of late. American’s love of pets has grown incredibly in the past decade. They own:

  • 78 million dogs

  • 86 million cats

That adds up to something something near 44 percent of American households. The breakdown:  44% dogs VS 36% cats.

That represents a whole lot of obnoxious, dirty, foul smelling pond and swamp water, raccoon scat, animal remains, skunk encounters and whatever else our pets like to roll around in. Those odors not only linger on your dog’s fur, they settle in the knap of your carpets, rugs and into the upholstery and drape fabrics, and in many hidden areas of your home (LIKE YOUR CARPET Mat) and other places where your animals are not allowed. Yeah right!

Pet odors can affect a home or business  in a number of ways. The sources of these odors, besides being  unpleasant, can also be the breeding grounds for a myriad of illnesses and viruses. Imagine the pet urine and other odorous playthings your pets drag in from the outdoors.

 Property Values

How difficult must it be to sell a home with dirty carpets and tile or if it smells from the intense odor of curry, garlic, or the unforgettable smells of cat urine, mold, cigarette smoke, the deeply pervasive odors like marijuana or burning tobacco. You will find very difficult, if not impossible to sell unless you lower the price significantly.

If your home does sell after a while, it will no doubt sell for considerably less than it was listed for. That’s why many of our clients, including a growing number of professional realtors depend on Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska to clean and freshen up homes before showing them. Our safe Miracle Vapor Gassing System™ and chlorine dioxide, clo2 remove objectionable pet odors from their listings and or inventories of available homes. Who wants to live in a smelly home? You can always count on our team to deliver nothing but the best services! No matter how horrible your pet odors are, we can destroy them and not just disguise or temporarily mask the odor. That’s our promise to you.

When you need a complete pet odor removal service for your home, our revolutionary Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. We’re # 1 in pet odor removal and # 1 in customer service. It’s time to take advantage of our many advantages.

  •  Convenient Hours

  •  Quality Service

  • Competitive Pricing

  •  Superior Technology

  •  Full Line of Services

  • Trained Technicians

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Homeowners throughout Alaska are busy people who on occasion, need the help around the house. Our company provides services such as  Tile and Grout cleaning because of the increased interest and demand by busy residents of cities and towns like:

  • Anchorage

  • Wasilla

  • Palmer

  • Eagle River

  • Chugiak

  • Girdwood

  • Soldotna

  • Seward

  • Kenai

Homeowners, retail locations and a multitude of commercial businesses and institutions spend varying amounts of dollars, and on occasion, huge sums on new ceramic, granite and marble floors. Doesn’t it make sense that they would prefer to keep their floors clean and polished, especially the heavily trafficked grouted and tiled sections where dirt is ground into the soft grout.

Residential tile and grout cleaning services are becoming more important and essential to many of our busy clients. This type of cleaning can be difficult for many persons who are  not properly trained to work and care for your premium floors. Too much pressure on the polishing or buffing wheel can leave unsightly grooves and depressions on floor surfaces and countertops, a  common occurrence when equipment is used by untrained unskilled personnel. Our family is trained and skilled in all aspects of the process.

If you depend on us for residential tile and grout cleaning, our pros can offer you the safe, trustworthy and seasoned service you expect. They can make your flooring look welcoming and tidy again. Professional cleaning can ensure that your tile and grout stays in tip top condition for a longer period of time.

Our custom formulated tile and grout cleaning materials along with the top floor cleaning specialists in Alaska have the expertise to make the finest tile floors look like new, often better than they appeared after installation. Our family knows tile like the backs of their hands. If you want your home flooring to look its best and make you proud, we can help. We know all the finer points of all  premium flooring products. WE KNOW TILE BEST and promise to affordably care for your dirty tile and grout.

When was the last time you had your tile cleaned?

 We Will Contact You As Soon As Possible.

We know you will be amazed by the quality of our work and the steps we take to insure your satisfaction. Our cleaning solutions are ideal for those who appreciate our efforts. You’re going to love the work we do for you, your carpet, your pet odors, your allergies and  your home environment  and odor issues. Are  you ready to  join the many satisfied customers, friends and neighbors  who depend on our unique methods to keep their home interiors in tip top shape? Call us for your carpet and rug cleaning requirements, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and for our amazing pet odor control program. See for yourself the power  of our amazing clo2 processes  via our proprietary, Miracle Vapor Gassing System.™

We look forward to your comments and posts. Hopefully you will join the ranks of our  many satisfied clients who swear by our results. Need Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage Alaska?


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